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Our Services – Atlanta Metro Area

We provide older adults with set-up, support and education for smartphones, tablets, computers and smarthome devices in one-on-one home sessions or in group settings.

All of the services BH Technology Group offers are subsidized, thanks to the generosity of our supporters and delivered by our blended team of professionals and volunteers.

Learning something new can be overwhelming at any age and no one wants to feel left behind. Knowing where to start can be intimidating. We understand that and tailor our services to meet the skill level and learning style of all students. We want older adults to learn in the way that’s best for them.

Education is available in a variety of formats – we’re glad to work with you to determine the best approach.  Click on the Classes Tab above to see the public classes currently scheduled and register for one.  You can also visit our Facebook pages when you  Click here to see presentations and workshops currently scheduled.

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Presentations & Workshops

Presentations are educational sessions to introduce concepts such as: Why You Need a Smartphone, Video Chat with Family, and Virtual Travel with Google Earth. Click here to see a complete listing of presentation topics currently offered.

Workshops are hands-on classes that teach older adults how to use their own devices while interacting and learning with their peers. No need to worry that sessions may be too complicated – volunteers are on hand to ensure everyone keeps up and provide additional coaching if needed. Course topics include: Smartphone Basics for Apple or Android (email, text, photos, apps); Social Media (Facebook, Pinterest); and Transportation Tips (Maps, Uber/Lyft, Waze). Click here to see a complete listing of workshop topics currently offered.

Presentations and workshops are delivered to groups in senior/assisted living communities, adult recreation centers, libraries, churches – anywhere that is suitably equipped for a group!

Contact us to discuss pricing and visit our Facebook page to see our currently scheduled presentations and workshops.

Facilitated Discussions

Facilitated sessions leverage technology to stimulate memories among older adults who are experiencing cognitive impairment. The course leader displays applications including YouTube, Google Earth, Weather Channel to engage students (and caregivers) in interactive discussions on topics including: Music Through the Decades, Comedy of the 40’s and 50’s, and Travel/Favorite Destinations.

Sessions are delivered to groups in assisted living communities and memory care centers. Contact us to discuss pricing.

“It’s like a ‘technology party’ when BH Technology Group visits Amy’s Place!”

Pamela Van Ahn
Executive Director, Amy’s Place

Private Lessons

We offer one-to-one coaching sessions for those older adults who want individual training on many technologies including smartphones, tablets, Windows 10, computers and more. Our coaches are trained professionals who provide a 90-minute private session on a technology as well as location selected by the student in the Atlanta Metro area. We have trained over 4000 older adults and our instructors are skilled at working with older adults as students.

Private Lessons can be purchased for individual use or selected as a gift for another.  Our rate is $100 for each 90-minute session.  Training can be completed anytime in 2019.

Call us today at 770-696-9808 or click here to purchase online.

Technical Support

BHT Technology Group offers assistance with setting up, maintaining, or troubleshooting problems with computers, smartphones, tablets, printers and TVs. Common issues include slow computers, Wi-Fi or internet connections and synching between devices. Services are typically provided in the older adult’s home. Contact us to discuss pricing or learn more about scheduling. Please note these services are available to individuals only, not businesses.

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