Quarantined – How to Video Call With Your Smartphone

Being quarantined is a brand-new thing for many of us and even though it is a scary time, it can also be a time when we learn new skills to help combat the loneliness.

BH Technology will be issuing “How Tos” on how to connect to family, friends and the community. If you have problems with any of these apps, feel free to leave us a message at 770-696-9808 and we will return your call.

Before we get started, watch this short video on how to look good when you video call.
These are great tips for all of us.

Video Calling

Apple device to Apple device (iPad/iPhone) – FACETIME

When using your iPhone/iPad to call another iPhone/iPad, we suggest using the Facetime App. Watch the video below (less than 3 minutes) to get started. This only works if you have an iPhone/iPad and the person you are calling has an iPad or iPhone.

Apple device to Android device or Android device to Android device-Facebook Messenger

If your loved ones or family members have an Android device, and you an Apple iPad or iPhone, you can use the Facebook Messenger App to stay connected. The Facebook Messenger App video call application is easy to use. Just make sure your loved one has the Messenger App installed on their Apple or Android device. Follow the instructions in the video link below to contact loved ones and stay connected.

How to use Facebook Messager

Android device to Android device

What’s App
An effective app for communicating via video call, if you have an Android device, is the WhatsApp Messenger Application. The WhatsApp Messaging Application is easy to use Apple to Apple, Apple to Android, or Android to Android. As in any situation both you and your loved ones need to have the WhatsApp Application installed on your device.

How to use WhatsApp app

Duo App
The Google Duo is another great app to use for Android users.

Have fun and try to touch base with at least one person a day with a video call.

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