Reduce spam calls from ringing your Apple iPhone.

We are all receiving unwanted / unsolicited phone calls to our Apple iPhone in unprecedented numbers. Is it driving you crazy?!!

I have a solution. It might not be the best solution for everyone, but it will definitely STOP the spam calls from ringing on your Smartphone.

Watch the video below for a step by step overview of how to make the necessary changes to your Apple iPhone to stop those annoying calls.

Follow these steps to reduce spam calls from ringing your Apple iPhone.

  1. Open the Phone app.
  2. Along the bottom row, tap Favorites.
  3. Add all of your most important contacts to this page by using the + button.
    • This is a very important step. The contacts you place on this list will be the only contacts that will make your phone ring.
    • Anyone who is not on this list will be sent to voice mail without you hearing a ring.
  4. Open your Settings app.
  5. Scroll down to the second section and tap on the words “Do Not Disturb’.
  6. On the first row, turn on the switch for ‘‘Do No Disturb’.
  7. On the second row, turn off the switch for ‘Scheduled‘.
  8. In the section titled Phone, tap on the words ‘Allow Calls From’:
    • There will be 3 options: Everyone, No One and Favorites.
    • Select ‘Favorites’.
    • Tap the Back button on the top left.
    • Tap the Settings button the top left.
  9. Your phone is now set up to only ring when someone from your Favorites list calls you.

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