Tech Tip Tuesday: Computer Shortcuts You Should Use!

In Today’s #techtiptuesday blog, we wanted to share some common computer shortcuts to help you save time and effort when using a computer.

Here’s a list of the basic shortcuts you can learn right now to help you complete simple tasks!
For all of these, you’ll want to hold down control and the corresponding letter at the same time.

Ctrl+C: Copy


Ctrl+Z: Undo

Ctrl+X: Cut

Ctrl+S: Save

Write these down near your computer, and soon enough you’ll be using these shortcuts like a pro!

Here’s some less common shortcuts. If you’re up for the challenge, try these out!

Ctrl+A: Select All

Ctrl+F: Find a word or phrase on a page or document

Ctrl+P: Print

Ctrl+N: Open a new window (if you’re in microsoft word, this will open a new document)

Now why should you bother learning these? There’s actually quite a few reasons to learn and replace your current habits with these shortcuts. First is efficiency. You can increase your speed and productivity when you use your keyboard instead of using your mouse to do everything. This will help you get the job you’re trying to accomplish done much faster. You won’t have to go in and manually highlight every word in a document, instead you can use Ctrl+A to select all those words, which is quicker and simpler! Another reason to learn these shortcuts is to help prevent Tendentious. This isn’t a sure-fire way to help your health, but by using a mouse all day, you are causing inflammation of the wrists, whereas using these shortcuts are less stress on your tendons. There are several other benefits of using keyboard shortcuts, but by starting to use these more than the mouse, you’re making your time on a computer faster, more simple, and more beneficial for your health!