Tech Tip Tuesday: Simple iPhone Tricks and Tips!

Today, we wanted to bring you a tech tip for #techtiptuesday. Today is all about saving time on your iPhone while typing. Recently, people have discovered a really useful trick for editing blocks of text while you’re typing on an iPhone. The main tip here is how to scroll through the text you’re writing, to edit and make changes where needed! We are used to having to double tap and holding down and trying to move the cursor exactly where we needed, which never seemed to work and was quite tricky on those small screens!

Once you’re typing anywhere on your phone (including email, text, notes, web browser, and more), you may notice a typo or change you want to make. Next, you’ll want to hold down the keyboard on your iPhone/iPad. You’ll notice that suddenly, all the letters disappear, and suddenly your keyboard is a giant mousepad. You can use this, while holding down, to scroll through your block of text.

This is a specific way to edit different parts of text blocks on your iPhone, and is a fairly simple trick to learn to master your tech!

We also just wanted to share some quick tips and tricks to implement in your iOS products.

Are you trying to save some space on your iPhone by deleting pictures? Save time by pressing select and dragging your fingers over multiple rows of photos instead of deleting each one!

Explore Apple’s vast collection of emojis to add some emotion and fun into your texts!

Don’t feel like typing a text out? Next to the the space bar is a microphone icon. Click there to dictate your text messages, saving you time and effort!

We hope you enjoyed these few tech tips on iPhone efficiency.

Stay tuned for next week’s tech tip on computer shortcuts you should be using!

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